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Our Process

The Cleveland Energy$aver residential program delivered by Empower G&E can save you $300 to $1,000 per year on your energy bills. Start the process by scheduling your free energy assessment. Use the form to the right or call 855-343-7884.

process1Get Started:
Schedule an in-home consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.

The first thing we need to do is understand how your home is using energy, and where improvements can help save you money. We provide a 1-hour in-home consultation that you can schedule during a time that’s convenient for you – no 4-hour windows waiting for us to arrive.

Use our contact form to the right or call 1-855-343-7884 to schedule our first visit.

process2Step 2. In-Home Consultation:

FREE onsite energy assessments will identify cost-effective energy saving improvements. If you choose, program staff will guide you with implementation.

As a current energy user, we know a little bit about your home’s energy performance before our visit. We use this information to get an initial reading on your home so that our time actually in your home is short. While most in-home audits can take as much as 4-hours, our in-home consultation is designed to last about 1-hour. Our home energy coach will be looking at the following:

  • Attic and crawl space insulation
  • Lighting in high-use areas
  • Cracks, gaps and holes in walls, pipe fittings, windows, etc. where energy may be escaping
  • The type of thermostat you currently use

Overall, it’s about a 15-question survey

Payment Options
Our in-home energy efficiency retrofit is designed to be affordable with high savings potential. The total cost for your installation will likely not exceed $2,500 total before rebates (depending on the size of your home; this cost is based on a 700 sq. foot attic space). Once we present our costs, we show you the potential rebates you’ll receive for installation, and provide you with financing options if needed.

Our home energy coach will walk you through the entire work-order, explain all the details, and get your signed approval for the work. We then schedule the installation of materials right then and there.

process3Step 3. Installation –
How You’ll Start Saving money:

Installation is a snap with us. We schedule a time that is convenient for you, show up on time, and start working right away. We will come prepared with all the necessary materials for installation. And before we leave, we will provide instructions on how to use your new smart thermostat, and remind you of the money you’ll be saving now that your home is more energy efficient.

process4Step 4. Follow-up –
Making Sure You’re Happy:

You’ve been kind enough to let us into your home, and perform upgrade work that is sure to save you lots of money month after month. But we want to make sure the work – and the experience – was acceptable to you. A representative from our team will contact you shortly after your installation is complete to make sure all is right in your home. And we’ll be happy to address any issues you may have experienced.